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How to speed up website development with WP Reset

When developing a website, debugging can represent a significant challenge, especially if you are not sure where the problem occurs. If your project is bloated and you have a lot of plugins or themes installed, it can be a real pain in finding what exactly is causing a problem. WP Reset can help you zero in on your site issues and can help you to resolve them.

WP Reset is also ideal for testing purposes. You can quickly and without any fear install and test as many plugins and themes as you need, and then just remove the ones you don’t like or need. WP Reset is a highly versatile plugin with many useful options and features.

Reset your WordPress project to the beginning.

Using WP Reset, you can reset your project to the complete starting point in case that something goes wrong. In that process, WP Reset will delete all installed themes and plugins and make your project like you just started it. Hit “nuclear reset,” and WP Reset will delete absolutely everything, including your database tables and entries. Resetting your project can be very useful when you got an issue you can’t solve or repair.

WP Reset is a time machine.

During your project, you can create a snapshot of its current state, so you can roll it back in case you want or need to. You can create as many snapshots as you want, and WP Reset will even create some for you automatically.

An automatic snapshot will be made before any significant change on your project, like installing a new plugin and similar. You can save the snapshots on the cloud using Google Drive, Dropbox, or pCloud.


Another extremely useful tool WP Reset offers is called collections. We all have a list of our favorite WordPress plugins and themes that we like to use on all our projects. Since every developer will constantly discover some new ones, that list is just growing and growing. Installing all those plugins and themes can, more often than not, be very tedious and time-consuming.

With collections, you can install all the things you need in just a few clicks. You can make multiple collections for multiple different types of projects and fill them with all plugins and themes you need. As with snapshots, you can save your collections on the cloud.

All of the WP Reset in one place.

Controlling all your snapshots, collections, licenses, and sites is done through a centralized management panel. The management panel is straightforward and intuitive to use, so everyone will understand it. WP Reset is as much for beginners as it is for senior developers.

Is it expensive?

No. Not really, at the least. For what it offers, WP Reset is pretty reasonably priced, even affordable. A personal license will cost you $39/year, a team license $79/year, and an agency license is $149/year.


WP Reset is an excellent and powerful plugin that can save you from a lot of pain and make website development that much easier and faster. As WordPress plugins go, WP Reset is definitely one to have and one of the most useful.